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That was good, but the ending was a little weird....

Great series. I think this would make a good RPG game. (I have nothing bad to say about this!)

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Great animation. I am excited for you to come out with part three.

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great game, but i think it would be better if you added some obstacles so you the game could have a purpose

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i like this, but the attacks deal way too much damage. great work tho

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The dsc is off and the "game" is stuck in a loop. This is not even a game!

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This sounds really good! I love what you did with this song.

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PancakePocket responds:

Thanks! I love your music too!

This is really good. I actually have an album on SoundCloud titled Broken Souls, so that is why I clicked on this song. I really Ike it though!

DreyLand responds:

Thanks a lot for the 4 stars! I'm glad you like it.
What a coincidence to have the same title :p

This song is really good. I don't watch anime btw, but I still liked this song. It has a nice feel to it. The only part I don't like is the drop though.

Overall, great job. Keep up the good work

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Wow! This art is great. Espurr and Meowstic are my two favorite Pokémon. I love the way this pixel art turned out. Great job Gatekid.

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you

This is amazing! Great job with this piece of art.

SlapHappyDrew responds:

Ooo thank you!!!

Hey dude. I like your art and I hope to see your style improve throughout this year and the next, and I must recommend this one app called TeamVeiwer to you. TeamVeiwer is a free app that lets you turn any apple device into a drawing tablet. All you have to do is download it on your devise, and on your laptop/pc. Then you can connect your devise to your pc and use it as a drawing tablet. I have done a couple tests with it, and it really made making art easier!

This is just a recommendation if you want to try it out. Once again, I like your work, and I hope to see more of your art in the future! Keep doing what you’re doing dude!

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I love to make songs, and I am starting to get into art. I have learned digital animation and I can design my own websites. I can work with anybody, and if you want to work on a project together, PM me, and we can discuss the details.

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