Entry #8


2018-02-21 15:44:13 by Distroyer120

Hey guys! Today I have an important announcement to make. 


Some guys I know and I are going to make a fan made Pokémon game. Titled Pokémon Ultimate, it will include all new, fan made Pokémon, and a new region. All game updates and betas will be posted here, as well as the soundtrack and character sprites. I am accepted in charge of character design and some of the soundtrack, so what i make will definitely be posted here.  


If anyone has any ideas for fan made Pokémon, or names for npc’s, please comment below.

Thanks for all the support and as always, more uploads will come out, IN THE FUTURE!



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2018-02-21 17:45:11

Sounds interesting. I’m a big Pokémon fan. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t take it down. If they do however, I suggest putting the file on a Discord server.

Distroyer120 responds:

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely keep that in mind.